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Customer Feedback

I appreciated the timely service and accurate estimate. I got a detailed explanation of how the work would be done and was assured it would cause no additional damage to the house. The work was done quickly and to a high standard.

James Mills

The job was very well done and very professional, too. The electrician’s knowledge was outstanding, and he was extremely courteous and friendly. Thanks a lot - I would use your service again!

Sarah Fenton

Does my system need a Powerflush?

• Are some rooms colder than others?

• Does the heating system take a while to warm up?

• Are some of your radiators cold or cold at the bottom? 

• Is your boiler system over 3yrs old? 

 Do your radiators regularly need bleeding? 

 Is your pump / boiler noisy? 

 Do you have reduced hot water temperature in your showers / baths? 

 Is there visible evidence of sludge or rust in the system? 


Why should I have a Powerflush and what happens?

If your heating system is not performing as it should then its highly recommended that you have your system PowerflushedIt is the most efficient and effective way of cleansing a central heating system and it can make your heating system more efficient as well as extending the life of your boiler. Over time your heating system will corrode internally and start to produce a ‘sludge’ in your radiators. These particles stick to the surface and cause circulation and flow problems. A Powerflushing machine will pump a cleaning chemical around the heating system (pipework & radiators) clearing the entire system internally.       


What are the benefits of a Powerflush

 Increases your central heating circulation and heat output.                         

 Substantially improves your central heating efficiency. 

 Extends the life of your boiler.

 Reduces your gas bills


What will it cost me? Number of Radiators:-

 1 to 4, Price £350 (***Special Feb/March offer – 15% off £297.50 VAT free

 5 to 6, Price £430 (***Special Feb/March offer – 15% off £340 VAT free)

 7 to 8, Price £470 (***Special Feb/March offer – 15% off £399.50 VAT free)

 9 to 10, Price £500 (***Special Feb/March offer – 15% off £425 VAT free)

 11 to 13, Price £550 (***Special Feb/March offer – 15% off £467.50 VAT free)

 14 to 16, Price £590 (***Special Feb/March offer – 15% of £501.50 VAT free)

17 or more, please call 07956 417061 for a quote.  

***Reduced prices will only apply for bookings made before 31.03.18

***All prices quoted are VAT free